New Zealand Sandfly Map

NZ Sandfly Map

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Where are the sandflies and how bad are they? Get an overview of the whole country just by looking at the coloured markers on the map. Or zoom in (+) on the map to see a particular area. Clicking on a marker will give you the detail of the report. You can also search reports by a keyword, marker colour, or report date.

Click Show Great Walks Huts if you want to see that huts mapped to help you find a location. Or Hide Great Walks Huts if you want them to go away.

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Heaps, fierce & hungry

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Now What?

So, You’ve just found out that you’re headed for Sandfly Country.  That’s great!  Sandflies protect the most magic places of New Zealand.  Go!!!  Here’s some links to help you prepare to be comfortable.

Facts & Habits

What to Wear

"Particularly bad around Dalefield - expecially when the weather is dull and still - bite bite bite all the time whilst I am waiting to pick up my son from school - loads in my garden in the evening." Carterton, Nichola