Goodbye Sandfly is where Outdoors is Good

Goodbye Sandfly is a natural bug repellent and bite soother. It is a proudly and uniquely New Zealand product. Formulated over a season of guiding canoes on the Dart River outside of Glenorchy in 1999, our guests helped us create a bug repellent that is effective and smells great. Goodbye Sandfly has been NZ’s #1 best selling natural repellent since 2010.  That’s more than 5 years of NZ trust. *Aztec data- March 2015

This is a product that we trust because we’ve lived with our two small children in real sandfly country. When you use a bug repellent every day, it HAS to be natural + it HAS to work.

Sister brands Goodbye Ouch and Goodbye Nits add their own style of responding to life. Goodbye products make life better.

Wonder if you can Live with Sandflies?

You can live with sandflies (AND mosquitoes), comfortably. You don’t even HAVE to have our brilliant natural repellent, but it helps. We have collected years of information and experience with NZ sandflies. We share it with you, so that you can have an amazing time outdoors.

We believe the outdoors is good. Fun, but healing and wise.

About Us

Goodbye Sandfly won the James & Wells Excellence in Marketing Award from Natural Products New Zealand- 2012 (this was top prize in a billion dollar industry!)

One page article in the NZ Herald, December 2011 tells the story of our family and business.

Becky Cashman Goodbye SandflyNatural product maker, Becky Cashman is a regular contributor to Where Outdoors is Good and The Natural Parent, as well as high impact sites It’s All about Women and Holistic Moms Network.

We are grateful to see years of steady work gain attention.

Great products, yes, and far more than that. These products are a gateway to conversations about things that matter. And experiences that make life better.