Dealing with Sandfly Bites – 1

Dealing with Sandfly Bites

My guess is that you are visiting this page because you, your husband (just guessing!) or your child has bug bites. And I’m sorry to hear that. I’m sure it is no comfort that thousands of people visit this page every month. Bugs can really, really impact badly on you. I’m American and have been living & working in New Zealand for 18 years. I have been helping people deal with sandflies and bites for 15 years now, and I will give you as many ideas as I can.

These ideas will apply to mosquito bites as well. And, being the creator of Goodbye Sandfly which is the #1 selling natural repellent in New Zealand and healing balm Goodbye Ouch, as well as the author of Why Natural Matters, the ideas will be more natural. Because that’s what I believe in.With respect, Beckyps. If you want to experience the nourishment you get when you use truly crafted natural products, follow me over to our display counter. This is what comfort from bugs and bites looks like. GBSF-for-Shop-300-300x300 order BUTTON

Top Tips for Avoiding Getting Bitten:

  1. The best defense against getting sandfly and mosquito bites is to dress well: Long sleeve, ankles and feet covered, you know- pretty much covered up.
  2. Find a repellent that you know, like and trust and that your kids think is great. That way you avoid wrestling your child down to give them a spray of something they don’t want to know about.

More great tips…

Sandfly Report for More Information on Sandflies, Bites, Diseases

You probably have more questions about dealing with bites and staying comfortable and safe in bug areas. With 18 years of living with sandflies, I have learned a LOT about taking care of myself and my family even when biting insects are hungry. This information is useful no matter what bugs you have to deal with: mosquitoes, no-see ums, black flies, AND sandflies.

I’ve put it all together in the Sandfly Report, a 12 page PDF with more answers and great simple tips.

Thankfully, we don’t have any sandfly diseases here in New Zealand, but I include a brief section on Leishmaniasis as I know it is a problem in many parts of the world.