How we Started

How we Started

Goodbye Sandfly beginning

Goodbye Sandfly was formulated while working as canoe guides on the Dart River out of Glenorchy.   We spent the summer of 1999 trialing different blends with willing canoe guests, getting feedback and refining the formula.

Outdoor wedding with sandflies

The very first bottles of Goodbye Sandfly were given away to guests at our outdoor wedding in 1999.  John (Kiwi) and I (Becky, American) met as raft guides working in Nepal in 1996. We have two children: Isaac (5) and Helena (9) who are our laughs, our growth, and our test subjects for Goodbye Sandfly.

Living with Sandflies

We moved to Karamea in 2006, and for the first time, we were actually living in sandfly country. The West Coast was the scene of my very first sandfly experience where I learned that sandfly bites can take a very long time to heal.  Our house backed onto the bush, so we had sandflies in our house if the wrong windows were left open.  Luckily by the time we moved there, I was a little less “sweet”, but our then 2 year old suffered for about 2 years.  Goodbye Sandfly got daily use, and our understanding of the product and the environment improved.

Living with sandflies on a daily basis, and learning from our community, we realized that there is a lot of information to share.  People on the coast have such a patient, grounded attitude about sandflies.

Now, we live in Kerikeri, where the sandflies are back to reasonable visitors instead of gnarly feasting crazed things. We see enough of them to keep us honest.


We developed the Sandfly Map in late 2009, to provide people with a clearer picture of the location and intensity of sandflies in NZ.  In September 2011 we launched our own digital magazine called It’s Not about the Bugs which provides “how to” and inpiration on natural living.  Providing information and interaction has become as much a part of Goodbye Sandfly as the product.

Why Natural Matters, plus 8 Simple & Positive Steps to Health

Becky has been described as having the “mind of a guide, spirit of a healer, and heart of a mother.” Her 2012 book is a response to a chemical world that wonders why something “natural” is important.

Packed with information and ideas, it provides a framework for making positive changes. Becky explores the complex topic of the emotions of decision making.  By tying it to images, technique and stories that are concrete, she gives new vision to old topics. Quality of food, decisions at the grocery store, how to live the life you want to live.  Why Natural Matters will not only affect your health decisions, it will give you a sense of your own power and ability to positively impact your environment.

This book is available through Barnes & Noble on-line Nook store.